Light Control Louvres

RETROLuxTherm daylight glazings for lowest SHGCvalues RETROLuxTherm louvers are produced as readymade insets for installation between the panes of double or triple insulation glass units.

The thickness of the glazings and their functional layers are dimensioned according to structural calculations and building physics. These aluminium louvers have two sections:
a V-shaped retro-reflective area for protection from the overheating summer sun, and a second section that functions as a light shelf to improve the interior daylighting.

RETROLuxTherm O louvers are installed in the upper part of a window. The light shelves in these louvers redirect the daylight inside, illuminating the depths of large interiors. RETROLuxTherm U louvers redirect the daylight onto the ceiling for glare-free illumination of the workplace.

The louvers are semi-spectral and highly reflective on their upper side. The lower side may have either a white or a hightech glossy aluminium surface. With a white lower side, the facade may be used as a media screen, with projections beamed from street level.

(See "Media facade")
RETROLuxTherm U louvers also function as Venetian blinds.

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